What's for Dinner? #1

Taste of Home...chances are if you love down home cooking you've heard of or even subscribed to the magazine or purchased a few of their cookbooks.  A while back I bought their first (and since a few others), Taste of Home Comfort Diet Cookbook.  I love easy to follow recipes and menus that are already prepared for me.  And this book has them!  Plus of course they include tips on how to make it healthy as possible, and nutrition info per serving.  For a long time now I've wanted to try out the menu, but didn't have the money to go out and stock up on all the supplies at the same time.  And since fresh foods go bad before we can eat them all around here, I wanted to wait till I could get some and use them in time.  I finally had the chance, and also shortened my over-zealous goal of buying all 6 weeks of groceries at the same time, to only one week.  Besides it looked like we'd probably be eating leftovers as well.  I also stopped my thinking that I had to fix everything exactly as described on the menu and in the same order, for 7 days straight...again not very feasible!

So last night I fixed week 1 day 5's dinner & dessert suggestions.  Lasagna sounded good to the family, and I was excited to try my first meal from the menu.  It turned out quite well and I figured I'd share the recipes as I chose to make them.  If you want to try the originals for yourself, and see all the other delicious menu ideas you can find the book for yourself here:

Here is my menu for dinner:

Now I should point out that the suggested menu also included the following:

  • 1 big green salad
  • 2 sesame breadsticks
  • 1 can diet soft drink

I totally forgot the salad...was going to make garlic bread, forgot that too...and we don't drink brain-tumor causing soda, so just had milk!  Its probably a good thing that I forgot the other stuff, because we were so miserably stuffed after dinner.  However, maybe a little less of what I DID fix and a little more of the rest would have added more variety.  Anyhow...enough rambling.  Lets get to the instructions & recipes!

Never mind...just kidding...going to post them as separate posts with links from this one, so I don't overload this post and make it impossibly long to read!  Be back soon!
P.S.  Links have been added to the menu items above so you can click directly on them to view each recipe.

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