Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow!

This time of year is so nice, when its warming up and we can start spending more time outside.  I've always wanted to have my own flower garden, and now that I finally have a place of my own I can actually work on planning one.  My dream is to have lots of big, gorgeous flower beds eventually, but that takes time and money so I'm starting small.

Flower Starts #1

A couple of weeks ago we went to the nursery/greenhouse on the edge of town and picked up some perennials, not much just a few, but enough to get me started.  Then last week we bought some seeds at Walmart along with a couple great little "greenhouse" flower/plant starter.  I love using these things out here because its still snowing through April, so we can start our gardens inside and then move them out in May or June when the weather finally stays warmer.  Of course thats a bit of a shock to their system as they go from inside temps to broiling outside in the summer.

Flower Starts #2

So this year in addition to our vegi garden, I finally decided to get some flowers going.  I am clueless when it comes to growing and raising flowers but I've always wanted to learn because I love flower gardens!  My Aunt Charlotte's is amazing if you  know who I'm talking about and have been to see it!  Maybe one day I'll have one that gorgeous.  In the mean time I have a lot of reading & research to do.  

Let it Grown #2

At the greenhouse, I picked up:
  • Snapdragons - a Rocket Mix and a Red Bicolour
  • Apple Blossom New Guinea Impatiens
  • Pansies in Matrix Amethyst Mix
  • Hydrangea
  • and a couple starts of Baby Tears
The Baby's Tears are quite small right now but they grow into this gorgeous green bushing ball, full of teeny tiny little green leaves.  Here is one I saw at the nursery that the lady told me has been growing for 3 years.  I hope I can grow mine this big!

Let it Grown #1

The seeds I bought at Walmart and planted in my little minature greenhouse containers today all look gorgeous, so hopefully I can manage to get a few of them to grow.  I've never heard of half of these lol, but they looked beautiful  They are:
  • Alyssum
  • Forget-Me-Not
  • Impatiens (white ones)
  • Convolvulus
  • Sweat Pea
  • Canterbury Bells
  • Larkspur
And to satisfy my need for lots of herb flavors I also planted some Cilantro (my favorite!) and Rosemary.  So!  I have lots of growing ahead of me, not to mention the vegi garden my hubby was tilling up for us today.  Can't wait to get growing!

Potential Convention Projects


There is this beautiful book I found on amazon.com a while back with fun sewing projects.  Its called Sew & Stow by Betty Oppenheimer, and you can find it here.  As if I needed more projects, I've been trying to teach myself to sew and this book is filled with fun storage-useful projects.  Last night I was flipping through it and found a few things I think would be useful to make for convention.  So thought I'd share them here.


I saw this "Hobo Bandana Bundle" and thought it was adorable but I'm not exactly sure yet what I'd use it for, convention wise...maybe snacks or Jordan's toys.  The book suggests making it with two bandannas which is a great idea but I might make it from scratch with fabric squares instead.


When I saw this "Load-it-Up Laundry Bag", I thought it would be perfect for a shower bag to take to and from the showers.  I used to have a nice bag for that but not sure what happened to it and I love this one.  Might even add some sort of water-resistant liner on the inside and a pocket or two on the outside for toothbrushes and such.


This "Carry-Along Seat" would be great for some cushioning!  I usually just use a pillow and sheet, but this looks fun to make so adding it to my "possible-to-do" list.  Will probably make one for me and Jordan both.


I LOVE this "Best Bedroll Ever"!!  I've been in dire need for a new sleeping bag and while this one isn't anything fancy in the way of warmth or water-proofing, it would be great to sleep along with some blankets if its as cold this year as it was last year at Riverton!

So...I tend to get a lot of ideas and start about half of them, finishing only a few, we'll see how far I get with these!  Not enough time in the day is there?

Jumping In Feet First

Writing is a passion of mine.  Has been for as long as I can remember.  Not that I am that great at it or have anything of importance to say but I do enjoy it and don't do it as much as I'd like.  Reading others blogs for a while now has had me in the mood to start one of my own.  Not exactly sure why other than my love of writing...or maybe I should say rambling.  I tend to do that a lot.  Just ask my hubby.

Anyhow...so I finally decided to sit down and do this.  I don't have a specific topic that I plan to blog about.  Mostly just things going on with our family, projects I'm working on, useful tips or interesting info I stumble across.  Ramblings basically.  Hence the obvious name of the blog.

If I do this like I tend to do every other project I start...I'll go gung-ho at first, then slack off for a bit, then start blogging a bunch again.  But thats ok.  This is meant to be relaxing and stree-free.

I'd love to add others blogs to my blogroll, friends and family who keep a blog.  I'm considering making this blog private so only people I allow can read it, but haven't decided yet.  I'm one of those paranoid people that doesn't like to share my life with the whole world, but rather only with those I know & love.  So we'll see what happens.

Please feel free to comment, ignore, share anything here.  I love interaction but not sure that I'll necessarily post anything worth interacting with.  Thanks for visiting and hope you at least find my nonsensical ramblings somewhat entertaining.

And finally, just because I don't like to read things without any pictures whatsoever (yes thats bad)...here is a random photo: