Bloggers and Sponsors Wanted for Hopping for your Honey Giveaway Blog Hop

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I am quite excited!  This is going to be the first blog hop/giveaway that I'm trying out for.  Please be sure to check it out if you want to participate!

Couponing and Reviewing in TexasIf Only Life Could Be That Simple , Going Crazy, Wanna Go?, and Whirlwind of Surprises will host their first ever “Hopping for your Honey” giveaway blog hop!  They are looking for sponsors and bloggers to participate.  They are also looking for any bloggers who would like to be co-hosts.

If your a blogger, you would want to participate to
  • increase traffic and followers to your blog, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media site
  • increase your exposure
  • meet other bloggers
  • HAVE FUN and win a cash prize!
If your a sponsor, you would want to participate to
  • increase exposure of your product
  • increase traffic to your site and other social media sites


Me responded on January 4, 2012 at 12:34 PM #

Hi it's Amy from Hopping with your Honey and I need to get your email to ensure you receive all pertinent information because the event is fast approaching..

email me at